8 Awesome Eateries For Lunch On Isle Of Palms

This article highlights the best eateries to get lunch in Isle of Palms, SC. It includes order-ahead places where you can grab & go, as well as nicer seafood restaurants where you can stay a while.

We share where to eat lunch on IOP and what to order, from the best place for tacos to where to get shrimp & grits. We tried to include a variety of eateries so hopefully you’ll find the perfect place for your next meal out.

Where To Eat Lunch On Isle Of Palms

Check out this map of IOP eateries for inspiration on where to have lunch. As you’ll see, all are very close to one another.

IOP’s Best Restaurants For Lunch

1012 Ocean Boulevard | Isle Of Palms

Small taco shop on IOP with margaritas

Papi’s Taqueria is our top pick for a fun lunch in Isle of Palms. It’s a small, beachy place with a full menu of tacos, nachos, quesadillas and frozen margaritas.

There’s are two floors of dining and a rooftop bar with views of the ocean. They typically offer a limited food menu at the bar compared to downstairs.

Start with the crowd-favorite Big Papi frozen marg and a dip trio. If you are looking for a lunch sandwich, don’t miss the surprising Mexican Cuban Sandwich on the menu! It comes with carnitas, ham, pickles and mustard.

They also have a ton of tacos to choose from, including a local Shem Creek fish taco. If you are dining with children under 12, make sure to ask for a kids menu. They also have a great allergy information list if needed.

Papi’s Taqueria

31 J C Long Boulevard | Isle Of Palms

Southern eatery with a daily brunch 11am to 3pm

Though we are including Acme on this list of lunch spots, they actually only have a brunch menu. But don’t worry, they have several non-breakfast-y dishes available on it.

We always recommend Acme’s Whistle Stop Shrimp & Grits to anyone who asks. It’s the best of all worlds– fried shrimp, pimento cheese grits and collards. They also have a fried fish sandwich on the menu, as well as multiple salads, a burger and a chicken sandwich.

We like Acme because it’s easily walkable from the main boardwalk area at the beach, but it’s removed enough to not feel too chaotic during the summer.

Acme Lowcountry Kitchen

1202 Palm Boulevard | Isle Of Palms

Croissant sandwiches + iced lattes in Isle of Palms

Cafe Paname is a great option if you want a takeout sandwich for the beach. It’s one of the only coffee shops on Isle of Palms.

They offer online ordering and have several lunch croissant sandwiches to choose from, including ham, turkey and chicken salad.

Cafe Paname is located near the downtown area but it’s in a shopping center with plenty of parking. There’s actually a bike rental shop in the same area— takeout sandwiches and bikes on the beach make for a great combo, by the way!

1515 Palm Boulevard | Isle Of Palms

Seafood cafe with a great lunch service

Long Island Cafe is a seafood restaurant on Isle of Palms next to Harris Teeter. They offer a daily lunch and dinner, as well as a dedicated brunch menu on Sundays.

We recommend Long Island Cafe if you are looking for an enjoyable sit-down lunch. They have several great sandwiches to choose from, including a fried flounder sandwich, a crab burger and a shrimp po boy.

They also have seafood platters on their lunch menu, as well as their she crab soup.

1122 Ocean Boulevard | Isle Of Palms

Beachy eatery with fried seafood and frozen cocktails

Smuggler’s Island Eats and Rum Shack is just that– a great spot for eats and rum (and it’s the size of a shack!) If you are familiar, it’s in the old Joe’s To Go spot near the boardwalk.

Their menu includes a fried shrimp basket, fried fish, an awesome smashburger and even peel & eat shrimp. They also have several sandwiches, like a BLT and blackened mahi.

And don’t miss their drinks! They have an extensive rum menu, as well as a great selection of frozen drinks that are perfect for a hot summer day.

Smuggler’s Island is a very beachy spot and right at home in the heart of the main area of Isle of Palms.

1517 Palm Boulevard | Isle Of Palms

Local restaurant with a daily lunch and brunch

The Refuge is kind of a do-it-all eatery on Isle Of Palms. They offer breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and even have a separate coffee bar area.

Satisfy your cravings with classic lunchtime staples like a Reuben, grilled cheese, Caesar wrap or crispy chicken sandwich. Or you can dive into a seafaring lunch with a crab cake sandwich or their local blackened triggerfish sandwich.

If you plan to have a late lunch, just keep in mind that The Refuge offers a smaller menu from 2 to 5pm. It will most certainly satisfy your cravings, though. The menu has everything from shrimp cocktail to a burger, smoked salmon dip and even chili.

1515 Palm Boulevard | Isle Of Palms

Bottled frosé and takeout sandwiches

The Co-Op is an excellent destination if frosé to-go and a burger sound ideal. You can also stay there and enjoy a frosé flight, but we love the idea of taking it on the go!

This feels like a good place to mention that Isle of Palms prohibits alcoholic beverages on the beach. Just something to keep in mind!

The Co-Op has a lunch menu with several signature sandwiches, including a Masters=themed one with egg salad. They also have an Italian sandwich and their California turkey is the number one seller on the menu.

If you aren’t feeling a sandwich, try a burger (with a side of animal fries!) And if none of that sounds good, perhaps you’ll enjoy their cobb salad.

The Co-Op also has a few kid-friendly bites, like a grilled cheese and a PB+J.

21 J C Long Boulevard | Isle Of Palms

Cash only breakfast all-day (+ lunch, too!)

Sea Biscuit Cafe is a charming eatery on IOP with breakfast all day in addition to a lunch sandwiches and salads. It’s located near the beach, just off Ocean Blvd.

The Reuben is a great option as well as the crab cake sandwich if you are in the mood for seafood.

One thing to keep in mind is that Sea Biscuit Cafe is cash only!

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That wraps up our guide to lunch. Don’t miss our article on where to get breakfast on Isle of Palms if you need additional inspiration.

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